Kayalar Kimya believes that presales and aftersales technical support is one of the primary requirements of the sector and thus the company, which embraced the mission of becoming a solution partner for buyers, established the first “Furniture Painting Application and Training Center” of Turkey in 2004.

Technical Support and Application Center is in Istanbul Headquarters of Kayalar Kimya. This Center enables preparing simulations for client’s painting processes as well as making accurate analysis of applications and quickly receiving outcomes. Besides, clients might apply and experience the system best for them by changing product and application method parameters.

Special trainings are given to the needs of users, the latest technologies and applications are introduced in Technical Support, Application and Simulation center.

Users who will invest in new lines; are supported for special line designs according to their products and requests.

Application and Simulation Equipment

  • Automatic Spray Robot
  • Roller Coater
  • Curtain Coater
  • Ink Printing Roller
  • Flass-off Tunnel
  • Ecojel Tunnel (TL03-TL05)
  • UV Lamp (Mercury and Galium)